Automated Social Networking Bots

Automated Social Networking Bots

Create unique and dynamic bots that automatically post to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Write your script, attach it to a Twitter or Facebook account, set the posting frequency, and SocialScripter will take care of the rest.

Powerful Scripting System

Slick AJAX scripting environment has everything you need to build and run your scripts.

Edit your script code with the built in color coded editor. Run your script and get sample output with a button press.

Twitter and Facebook Integration

Specify what times to post to Twitter and Facebook.

Automatically reply to direct messages and @ replies with a scripted response. Automatically befriend new followers and @ replies.

Insert dynamically generated top Twitter trends into your script output.

The Scripting Language

The Scripting language is simple but powerful: filters, replacers, and variables. A basic script debugger is also included.

Use replacers and variables to add dynamic values to your scripts: the date, upcoming Twitter trends, etc.

Filters can be added to post-process any statements. For example, add random spelling mistakes to make your scripts seem more human.


Browse and explore scripts created by others.

Share your favorite scripts with friends.

Copy and modify scripts, attach to your own Twitter/Facebook account.